Isse Snow Socks (alternative to snow chains) $259 a set of 2

ISSE SOCKS CURRENTLY IN STORE [as at 12th August 2023] -

58, 62, 66, 70, 74 Super and 74 Classic


We hold all snow sock sizes in-store. We stock the 'super durable' version in all sizes and the "Classic" lighter version in size 74 only. 

The Super version is $259.00 for a pair.

The Classic version is cheaper at $189.00 for a pair.

High quality, durable snow socks that will have you driving up the mountain when no one else can! Perfect for those chain-restricted days up Mt Ruapehu

To find your required snow socks size, please visit the official ISSE website, and enter your tyre code into their calculator. 

  • Great alternative to snow chains. Recognized by NZTA as an approved snow chain alternative
  • Easy, quick application. Snow socks provide a smoother ride, compared to snow chains
  • Sold as a pair, to be wrapped on each driving tyre. 
  • Expect more than 1000km's of usage.

Full information regarding this product can be found here


Disclaimer: Check the vehicle handbook as some manufacturers prescribe limitations. It is the users responsibility to ensure that snow socks are fitted onto the driving wheels of the vehicle and that they are used correctly according to the manufacturer's instructions. Vehicle is not to be driven in excess of 40 kph when snow socks are being used.