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Turoa Survival Guide

Snowscene Help Guide for Turoa, Mt Ruapehu

Turoa, Mt Ruapehu - is approx 1h 15 minutes drive from our shop in Turangi. 
Operating times are 9AM to 4PM from June to October. Turoa is known for excellent wide open trails, and the highest lifted point in New Zealand which always make for amazing views

 Turoa trail map


Fun facts:

  • Highest point is at the top of the high-noon express at 2322m
  • Terrain: 20% beginner, 55% intermediate and 25% advanced
  • Lift facilities include popular 6-seater express, 2x Quad Chairs Fixed, 2 x Triple Chairs, 2 x Platter Lifts, 3x Beginner platter/carpets
  • Kids daycare & sightseeing available
  • Turoa has some really great parks for the tricksters out there. You can find some 'big air' jumps up the top of the 'Nga Wai Heke' chair, and a great learners park you can loop easily at the 'Wintergarden' platter.
  • Ticket prices start at $129 for adults and $79 for youth. Take advantage of the Flexi-pass to save money if going for multiple days. Beginner passes at $89 Adult & $69 Youth for Alpine Meadow exclusively are also available.
  • Turoa has a purpose built sledding area at Alpine Meadow.

Weather Conditions

All weather on Mt Ruapehu can change very quickly, and is known for its strong winds that whip over the mountain. Always be prepared with the gear so you are good for any situation. Even on a hot, spring day conditions can change relatively quickly. The best way to be prepared is study THIS LIST, and have accurate weather predictions - find them here

Getting there, and restrictions

Turoa is accessed via the Ohakune Mountain Road, which is fully paved from Ohakune to the base - although can be prone to closing or being restricted when it snows. Make sure you are aware of the road condition before you travel up.
Chain ONLY restriction: Your car must have chains to access the road. Chains CAN be rented in Ohakune from 27 Ayr Street. This will require a $50 deposit & $20 payment. We would recommend taking cash for this as eftpos is yet to be confirmed. This service will operate weekends only.
Chains or 4WD ONLY restriction: Your car must have chains or be in 4WD to access the road. 
No restriction: Away you go :) Please keep a good following distance as the road can be quite narrow and steep at parts.

Shuttle and transport options

You have a number of options for transport if you don't/cant take your vehicle up. 
Ohakune Shuttle - operated by RAL. Your cheapest and easiest option. Simply meet the bus at one of the many departure times, and load on in. Service TBC

Turangi/Taupo Shuttle: Please see the good folk at


Local Sercrets!

  • If you find the 6 Seater express is busy, a secret tip is to line up in the singles line - and majority of the time you will be loaded in a lot quicker than queuing as a group.
  • Not exactly a secret, but of the two day parks available, both are quite a short walk to the base - and if its snowed enough, often you can ski back to your car (or near enough)

 Our favorite runs:

  • Beginner / intermediate: Turoa has a great range of learner runs. If you find the Alpine Meadow not enough of a challenge, both parklane and movenpick chairs lead to some really long cruisey runs to practice on 
  • Intermediate / Advanced: Your best bet is to jump on the High Noon express, in which has some amazing trails both to the left and right of the lift. Take your pick really. Our personal favorite would be the 'triangle' run which can have some epic powder pockets. This isn't for beginner to intermediate skiers however so we recommend those at that level take some of the right hand trails (when looking down from the highnoon) such as 'branchline' and have a great time on some quite wide runs.

Have we missed anything? Please let us know of anything we can add to this list :) Happy shredding!


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