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Snowscene Help Guide for Whakapapa, Mt Ruapehu

Make the most out of your trip to Whakapapa Ski Field!



Whakapapa, Mt Ruapehu - is approx 40 minutes drive from our shop in Turangi. Operating times are 9AM to 4PM from June to October. Whakapapa is known for its excellent beginner facility - Happy Valley, which is perfect for your first time ski and boarders.

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Whakapapa Trail Map - Snowscene Ski Rental

Facilities & Lifts

Ski Rentals for Whakapapa and Mt Ruapehu

Where can you rent hire skis for Mt Ruapehu? For the 2020 season, there will be NO on-mountain rentals available. This means you will need to hire gear off-mountain at one of the many local ski shops in the area

We recommend us! Great prices, great gear and quick service. There are ski rental options if you are staying in Ohakune, but for the northern towns we would love to fit you out with the proper gear for the day! 

Make sure to checkout our rental pricing to plan your trip, and to contact us to book or for any inquiries 

Weather Conditions

All weather on Mt Ruapehu can change very quickly, and is known for its strong winds that whip over the mountain. Always be prepared with the gear so you are good for any situation. Even on a hot, spring day conditions can change relatively quickly. Before you go, it could be a good idea to check out 'Mt Ruapehu Essentials' Checklist to make sure you have everything packed, and double check the metservice website for weather conditions 

Getting there, and restrictions

Simply drive up using the Bruce road access. Often this road can be restricted to only certain vehicles. Make sure to check the REPORT before you make the drive. These restrictions can be:

Chain ONLY restriction:Your car must have chains to access the road. Chains CANNOT be rented in the surrounding areas (2019 updated), and you must use another option - such as the many shuttle options available:

Chains or 4WD ONLY restriction:Your car must have chains or be in 4WD to access the road. 

No restriction: Away you go :) Take your time.

Shuttle and transport options

For the 2020 ski season, there will be no resort shuttles operating, and instead will need to be organised by one of the friendly third party services below. Its best to book in advance - but often you can hop on last minute.

Browse all shuttle options

Holiday Park Shuttle - A closer service to Whakapapa. This bus is operated by the Whakapapa Holiday Park, and costs $20 adult $15 child return. Operating times are:Restricted Road: 8.30 to 12.30 every 45 mins ORun-restricted road: on demand. Contact number is 07 892 3897

Turangi/Taupo Shuttle: Please see the good folk at https://www.backyardtours.com/whakapapa-transfer.html

Local Sercrets!

 Our favorite runs:

On-mountain lodging

If your keen to stay UP the mountain, we recommend one of these two lodges for good rates and friendly hospitality

Have we missed anything? Please let us know of anything we can add to this list :) Happy shredding!

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