Alpinestar Snow Chains | 2WD | 070 - 120 | $179/set

CHAINS CURRENTLY IN STORE [as at 31 Aug 2023] -

080, 090, 095, 110, 120


$179.00 for a set of two

High quality, durable snow chains that will have you driving up the mountain when no one else can! Perfect for those chain-restricted days up Mt Ruapehu, or any ski-field for a matter of fact!

  • Alpine Star, 12mm Clearance Snow Chains - One pair
  • Excellent road-holding on ice and snow, thanks to the "D" shaped, hardened steel cross chains.
  • The diamond pattern design provides superior traction and steering on front wheel drives.
  • Very easy to fit due to the plastic-coated cable on the inside of the wheel and colour coding.
  • Comes with travel case


Minimum of 12mm clearance required, Maximum speed of 40kph when using chains.

Please select your required chain size by using the chart below. You will need to obtain the code that is located on your tire to reference the chart. If your having any difficulties, please contact us and we will advise you on the correct size. 

We prefer that we fit and demo the chains on your vehicle at time of purchase to ensure they are the correct size.

Disclaimer: Check the vehicle handbook as some manufacturers prescribe limitations. It is the users responsibility to ensure that chains are fitted onto the driving wheels of the vehicle and that they are used correctly according to the manufacturer's instructions. Vehicle is not to be driven in excess of 40 kph when chains are being used. Clearance between suspension or any other part of the car must adhered to as some vehicles cannot fit normal snow chains and may require special chains.