Frequently Asked Questions - Ski and Snowboard Tuning

Frequently Asked Questions - Ski and Snowboard Tuning

How long do these services take?

Wax & Sharpening: Usually 15 mins in-store, otherwise leave it with us for a hour or overnight for completion
Full tune, bootfitting & repair jobs: Unless we are quiet, we need your gear overnight to complete the job

How will I know the wait time?
Give us a ring on 07 3867961 and we will let you know the wait - if any.

How often should I service my gear?
The real junkies get their gear tuned (usually waxed up) every session, but for the casual shredders we recommend the following:
Wax: 4-5 full days minimum
Sharpening: 7 full days
Full tune: 2 times a season, or when your bases need repair. 

My gear is very old. Is it worth paying to get fixed?
We recommend bringing it in for us to have a look at, however often old gear can contain perished parts - especially the bindings - that even if we bring it back up to spec, it could be dangerous to use, or deteriorate fast. 

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