Frequently Asked Questions - Season Rentals

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How long do we keep the gear for?

Rental period starts from time of issue, usually June or July for the most value, till 28th October (final day of the season)

Can I change out the gear?

Most definitely! You can change out to a different piece of gear, or swap the gear out for something else, such as skis for a snowboard. Season rentals are great for trying out lots of different gear, or testing out both skis and boards throughout the season to decide what you prefer best!

Do I get to choose the gear, and is it new?

The season rental process is the same as our daily rental process. We take into account a range of factors from ability to personal input to determine which gear is going to be best for you. However, sorry we cannot issue our newer gear for the season but will endeavour to supply good condition, serviced gear that will work for you.

Why should I season rent, compared to daily?

Season rentals are a great option for those who are planning on hitting a high number of days on the slopes. With a price comparison of about 9 days daily rental - it can be a extremely cost effective way to sort your ski gear needs for the whole season.

Don't forget the added convenience of keeping the gear with you for the whole season - which is a huge value factor in itself. No rental gear issues and returning - all year round!

What is the refund policy?

Although once the gear is issued, the payment is final - we can sometimes on a customer by customer basis come to a agreement on a refund or credit. This is only if a customer doesn't have a chance to use the gear for more than TWO DAYS (usually due to injury, unforeseen circumstances)

Are there limited season rentals available?

Yes, we only have limited amounts of gear available so we recommend getting in early as by mid-July we can often be sold out! Kids gear is especially popular! You can contact us anytime for stock availability or to reserve gear.